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Inflation is Here Now

The Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) was established by Congress in 1913. The original act was amended in 1977 as a result of the events of the 1970s, a decade that brought simultaneous high inflation and unemployment, known as “stagflation.” Shaped by the economic scars of that time...

Student Debt

Forgive Me Not

For the past year, there has been a substantial amount of debate around student loan forgiveness. Politicians, mainly on the left, have advocated for the forgiveness of between $10,000 to $50,000 of debt. This leaves those with student loans in the precarious situation...

Top 10 Cryptos

Is Crypto Currency Here to Stay?

We wrote our first newsletter article on cryptocurrency in July 2014. At the time, the only real digital coin to speak of was Bitcoin, and it was trading at $600 per coin. Bitcoin was also in the midst of a major selloff, dropping 50% from it’s previous highs. Fast forward to the present and Bitcoin is now worth over $30,000 per coin, and yet again is down around 50% from previous highs...

Investor Final Four 2021

2021 Investors Final Four

At this time last year, optimism was in short supply, and fear controlled our lives and our investments. The U.S. stock market had just undergone one of the swiftest corrections in recorded history, leaving the indices 35% below their high-water mark. Covid-19 became the only story...

Investment Outlook 2021

2021 Market Predictions

Hindsight is always 2020, and 2020 was an odd year by any standard. We endured a global pandemic, an intense bear market crash, a quarterly GDP drop of 31%, and somehow the S&P 500 stock index closed 16% higher than where it started. We managed all that while simultaneously playing a year-long Easter egg hunt for toilet paper. Will the new year bring back an abundancy of paper products and "normal" market action? Or, are we destined for ...

Our Book - Preparing for Retirement

Tarheel Advisors, LLC has produced an educational text on financial planning available at Amazon. In order to have a successful retirement, you must have a plan that allows you to identify risks, reduce taxes, find good investments, understand insurance, save for education, and manage your estate planning. Preparing for Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide To Financial Planning does this with a 176 page guide that is full of easy to read charts, examples, and an appendix of commonly used financial planning forms. Whether you have managed your money for decades or you're new to financial planning, this 2018 edition of Preparing for Retirement provides the information and techniques needed to successfully create and maintain a financial plan.