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NC Advisory Fee Survey

Investment Advisor Fee Survey
  • Low Fee Guarantee

    Our commitment to our clients is for our ongoing investment management fees to be 25% less than our competitors.

  • Fees Matter

    Understanding advisory fee schedules can be difficult, so we've done the homework for our clients.

Investment Advisory Fee Rates

Assets Under Management Annual Fee
$1 Million or Less 0.75%
$1-$2.5 Million 0.65%
$2.5-$5 Million 0.55%
$5 Million or More 0.45%
Cash & Treasury Management Account 0.25%

Questions & Answers

Do you charge separate financial planning fees?
Our annual investment advisory fee is all-inclusive. This includes financial planning and assistance with client finance needs as they are needed.
How will I know what is happening in my account?
You will continue to receive trade confirmations and statements from Charles Schwab. We also provide Orion reporting to clients that details account performance.
Do you accept commissions?
We are a fee-only fiduciary and do not accept commissions. We only get paid more if your assets increase in value which puts our financial incentives in line with our clients.
What are the available methods of fees payment?
Quarterly management fees are withdrawn from the account on a quarterly basis in arrears. This method of payment eliminates any “out-of-pocket” expense for our services.
What is your minimum account size?
Currently our minimum relationship size is $100,000 (for non-401k accounts), although under some circumstances we will accept accounts less than $100,000. More important, however, than satisfying a minimum account size criteria, we are looking for long-term client relationships.
What if I decide to cancel my relationship with you?
There is never any obligation to stay with our program. So in the event that you are not completely satisfied, you may terminate the relationship at anytime by notifying us immediately.