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Start a Financial Plan

No Cost or Obligation

We charge nothing until we know how we can help you.

No Commissions

We work a strict fee-only basis.

No Pressure

We hate giving the hard sell as much as you hate hearing it.

Start the Process

Introductory Call

15 Minutes

The first step is a quick phone call with one of our Certified Financial Planners. We we'll need to know a bit about your current finances and why you are looking for a financial advisor. After we clarify your current needs we'll decide together whether our firm may or may not be a good fit for you.

All About You

1 Hour

The next step is an in person meeting to discuss your financial goals. You'll need to bring detailed financial information such as information related to investments, employer sponsored retirement plans, insurance, mortgage balances, your budget, and estate planning. By the end of this meeting we want to have a grasp on your current financial position and just as importantly, your goals for your financial future.

Plan Delivery

1 Hour

In this follow-up meeting we will deliver an assessment of your current financial position and also a plan for reaching your future goals. We will review whether you are on track to meet your financial goals and discuss strategies to increase the likelihood of success in your financial plan. At the end of this meeting you should know what the biggest opportunities are in your investments, tax planning, and overall financial plan.

Account Creation

One to Two Weeks

After we have laid out your financial goals and completed your financial plan you may need to make changes to your investments. This is the point where we create proper brokerage accounts, IRAs, or trusts to manage your investments. Account transfers are also completed during this step as we look to setup your finances for future success and ease.

Investment Selection

Once your accounts are opened and transfered we will implement any financial strategies that we have agreed on. In most cases this will be done imediately, but in other scenarios we may decide it is best to dollar cost average into investments. Our firm has discretionary authority for clients, so we will manage your accounts going forward in your best interest. Your account custodian, Charles Schwab, will send out daily trade confirmations, and we will send out performance reviews of your account on a quarterly basis.

Annual Reviews

Now that you have built a financial plan it is time to review it and see if you're still on track to meet your goals. We typically meet one to two times a year with clients to review their finances and suggest any potential changes. Sometimes we'll have a lot to discuss, and other times it makes sense to just grab lunch together and discuss how the family is doing.

Ideal Client Relationships

We work with a wide variety of individuals, families, and small/mid sized businesses. Our ideal client is thoughtful, intentional and goal oriented with their money.


Because we recognize that saving and investing for retirement is so important, we have made a special commitment to retirement investors. You've spent a lifetime saving, and now it is time to make a plan to make those investments work for you.


We enjoy working with business professionals, engineers, and attorneys. Many financial advisors avoid working with financially sophisticated clients, however, we are able to bring great value in planning and financial education to these clients.

business owner
Business Owners

When you own your own business you have a unique set of issues when it comes to financial and investing planning. As small business owners ourselves we can relate and assist in these matters.

Low Fee Guarantee